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Page Moved: My homepage has moved from
to this page: tzafrir.org.il. Definetly shorter.
Work at Xorcom: I have found a new job at a startup called Xorcom .


You have reached the homepage of Tzafrir Cohen. I live in Kibbutz Gadot in the Upper Galille.

I have graduated my Master degree at the Technion Faculty of Computer Sciense

My day job is at Xorcom, where I mainly work on things related to the Asterisk PBX software, and our own Xorcom Rapid distribution of it.

This page is served from a Debian GNU/Linux system. I use Debian and Linux in general at home and work and I am part of the free software community in Israel.

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Here you'll find all sorts of documents I have composed

My MSc. Thesis


lectures, the IGLU FAQ


Curriculum Vitae

Not looking for a job now, and this CV is out of date, but I leave the link just in case.

My CV: Hebrew PDF, PDF, Hebrew HTML, HTML

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Critical Thinking

Aparantly too many people nowadays believe in strange an unfounded beliefes. Beliefes like Astrology seem to have too many followerswho ignore the fact that Astrology has failed to prove itself as giving a better prediction of the future than random chance.

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